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Our Latest Window and Gutter Cleaning Projects

Residents of Salt Lake City persistently opt for AquaPro for their comprehensive window and gutter cleaning projects, driven by our steadfast dedication to delivering unsurpassed service. At AquaPro, we let our results do the talking.

Browse through our robust collection of gutter cleaning before and after and window cleaning before and after pictures, which clearly exhibit the exceptional results that our team routinely achieves. By entrusting your home to AquaPro, you're not only choosing excellent service but also embracing a radiant, well-kept exterior. Check out our gutter cleaning before and after portfolio and our showcase of window cleaning projects, and see the AquaPro difference for yourself. Salt Lake City homeowners consistently choose AquaPro for all their window and exterior cleaning needs because of our proud commitment to top-quality service. But you don't have to take our word for it — check out these before and after of our latest projects to see for yourself the stunning results you can expect when you choose to trust your home to AquaPro.

Gutter Cleaning Before and After

Cleaning your gutters isn't an exciting prospect. And while some of these "before" photos aren't very flattering, there's more to having clean gutters than aesthetics. 

Clogged gutters can cause many issues for your home, ranging from a flooded basement to a pest infestation. Flooding and standing water can create long-term issues that are incredibly expensive to fix, like foundation damage. 

We understand — even knowing the benefits of cleaned gutters doesn't make the idea of cleaning your gutters any more appealing. Luckily, you don't have to find a way to motivate yourself to clean your gutters. You can call AquaPro to help! 

We guarantee that if your gutters are a “before,” we'll turn them into an “after” in as little as one visit.

Window Cleaning Before and After

While many homeowners would say that window cleaning is crucial for a beautiful home, it's equally important to a window's health and longevity. Dirty windows can cause an otherwise normal window to deteriorate faster. They can also affect your home's energy efficiency and air quality.

Sunlight is a resource that many homeowners cherish and invite into their space. But unclean windows make it challenging for light to pass through your windows, giving your home a darker and less inviting vibe.

You may have attempted to take the matter of window cleaning into your own hands but then had a hard time finding time in your schedule to commit to the attention windows need to stay clean.

We understand those everyday battles, and that's why we want to help. You can see the difference professional cleaning makes in these “after” photos. Our customers enjoy healthier windows and homes and more time to devote to what really matters. We want the same for you, so give us a call today and schedule your window cleaning!

The Perks of Using a Pro Cleaning Team

You can see the results of choosing a professional cleaning service to take care of your home's exterior. But what are the other benefits of a pro cleaning team in addition to what you can see from a gutter or window cleaning before and after photo?

Attention to Detail

Most homeowners would understandably rather do anything else than clean their gutters or windows. You may be focused on getting the job done as quickly as possible, which can leave your home not looking its best.

Our cleaning services have such a transformative power because of how much time and effort we dedicate to each customer. We're efficient, but we'll always take our time with a job. We're also familiar with different types of windows and gutters and what kind of attention each needs.

When you call AquaPro, you get the detailed cleaning your home deserves and some of your weekend time back — it's a huge win!

Special Equipment

Looking at these before and afters, you may wonder, "I clean my windows and gutters, but how am I supposed to get them this clean?" This is where a professional cleaning company comes in.

To achieve top-quality results, we have the specialized equipment and training to provide you with a clean you can't help but notice. And while you can often rent or purchase some of the necessary equipment, there's no real benefit to spending this extra time and money doing it yourself.

Leave the cleaning to the professionals: we already have everything at our fingertips to give you a fantastic-looking home!

Valuable Time

There's no way to get a professional-looking "before and after" clean without spending a considerable amount of time cleaning. You are likely already spread thin with cleaning, maintenance, and other upkeep tasks.

Adding more to the plate, like window or gutter cleaning, is usually too much to balance, and something will have to fall to the wayside and get neglected.

How you use your time dictates your life. You don't want to be spending this precious resource getting a picture-perfect clean yourself. It's absolutely worth the price of outsourcing cleaning tasks like these to AquaPro.

We'll take the time we need to get your windows and gutters looking as phenomenal as our after photos — all you have to do is sit back, and enjoy the results.


Our Approach to Gutter and Window Cleaning

We take pride in providing honest and reliable service. There's a method to creating transformations like these, and we'll walk you through it so you can get an idea of how AquaPro accomplishes the professional clean we’re known for.

Here is how a window or gutter cleaning before and after is born.

Interior window cleaning in Salt Lake City
Before We Clean

You'll start your journey by contacting us and booking your first appointment. We're happy to discuss your specific goals or desires and anything else we need to get your windows and gutters to the after phase!

You can expect more than a cleaner window or gutter when you partner with us. Each AquaPro team member is fast, efficient, and courteous. It's important to us that we respect every customer's time and space, and we'll do whatever we can to make the experience as simple and stress-free as possible.

The Cleaning Process

Once we’ve discussed your individual needs and goals for your home, we can begin the cleaning process. The first step to the perfect window or gutter cleaning before and after is to bring all the necessary gear. We are well-equipped with our own cleaning supplies, including our professional-grade cleaning solution for cleaning dirty windows.

To clean the windows outside your home, we'll set ourselves up by connecting to your water source. We use a water purification system to ensure no buildup or residue from water could leave your windows cloudy or murky. A technician will then gently brush each glass pane and rinse it with crystal-clear water, letting it dry so it can sparkle!

Interior windows receive a similar treatment. Once we wipe the windows down with our cleaning solution, we use fine steel wool to carefully remove any debris that still sticks to the window. We'll then use a special fanning technique that won't leave any streaks and finish by detailing the edges and clearing up any excess water on the window sills.

Planning to call us for a gutter cleaning? We'll take excellent care of them! An AquaPro cleaning specialist will remove covers and use a brush to dislodge any debris caught in the vents. Once everything is loosened up, we can ensure the brush gets everything out of the gutters so that they're empty and ready for use.

Maintaining the Results

After your window or gutter cleaning, you can extend the time you enjoy the results with preventive maintenance. To ensure you don't revert to a before, we recommend keeping up with your gutter and window cleaning by contacting us to schedule regular cleanings.

By scheduling regular window and gutter cleanings, you can not only ensure your home stays sparkling, but you can also protect the health of your home and avoid costly repairs for water damage and other types of deterioration in the future.

It is important to note that you want to clean gutters or exterior windows with professional help only. These tasks often require specialized equipment or getting up to risky heights. The pros not only know how to get it done right, but we can also do it safely.

Become an AquaPro Success Story

Maintaining a home can take a lot of time and energy. Let us take some of that burden and stress off your shoulders. Contact an AquaPro expert today to achieve a stunning window and gutter cleaning before and after for your own home.

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