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"Paolo and his team are the BEST! Uber professional and the best quality work I have seen in a long time. Our house is gleaming after they left. I would highly recommend AquaPro for any of your house and window cleaning needs."

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Your Local Salt Lake City Exterior Pressure Washing Team

Are you tired of seeing stains on the side of your home or building? Perhaps you are having some issues with your gutters being clogged? Whatever the case may be, AquaPro can help. We provide professional exterior cleaning services for home and business owners in and around Salt Lake City.

Stains, grime, and dirt can negatively affect your home's exterior, both in how it looks and how it functions. This buildup can cause parts of your home to deteriorate prematurely, eventually costing you more money to fix and further impacting the appearance of your home's exterior.

A soft washing service can help preserve the parts of your home that are harder to wash, like windows, doors, or roofs. And AquaPro's cleaning team has everything you need to show off your spotless, stainless home exterior proudly!

Why Hire a Pro for House Soft Washing?

While soft washing is safer than pressure washing for the casual DIY-er, it's still more beneficial to contact a pro for your home's exterior washing. The price of renting pressure washers and buying specialty cleaning products can already come close to what it costs to hire a professional to take care of it for you.

Even if you find the proper equipment and cleaners, it's a time investment that many can't or would rather not fit into their calendars. DIY cleaning your home's exterior is a long process made even lengthier if you need to learn how to do it. Your weekend time is precious, and AquaPro wants you to hang on to it whenever possible.

Exterior House Soft Washing Service

Many homeowners are familiar with pressure washing. It's an excellent way to blast away grit, grime, mud, mold, and many other contaminants found on surfaces. Power washing is similar to pressure washing, except it removes dirt with the help of hot water. While both methods are effective, they aren't as gentle on the more delicate areas of a home.

Different from pressure washing the sidings, a soft wash is much safer and more efficient. For house soft washing, we do not need to use pressure because our chemicals will do the job for us; it is the most recent method discovered for siding washing, it works the best, and it is the safest for your building as it will ensure that no damage will be caused.

That's where soft washing shines. House soft washing allows you to clean your home at a lower water pressure, so it doesn't agitate or damage the more fragile exterior surfaces. Since this cleaning method uses lower water pressure, it gets its power from a carefully crafted solution. This solution uses bleach to clean and disinfect, surfactant to help lift the stubborn dirt and grim up, and water to dilute and serve as a carrier for bleach and surfactant.

Exterior house soft washing in Salt Lake City
More benefits of Soft Washing
  • Soft washing is often more desirable than power or pressure washing. The more vulnerable home elements like windows, roof shingles, glass doors, screens, stucco, and even outdoor furniture, don't hold up well to pressure washing.
  • The high pressure can help clean them, but it can also weaken or damage them. Soft washing still ensures everything is clean and disinfected, but with a gentler approach.
  • Soft washing can also help you finally get those more hard-to-reach areas, like your roof or gutters, impossibly clean. A professional house soft washing can clean an area that's up to 50 feet off the ground.
  • And it's not only the high areas that are freshened up; the soft wash can permeate nooks and crannies with ease to remove dirt that you wouldn't be able to get to otherwise.
  • The low-pressure house washing approach is fantastic for a maintenance cleaning that boosts your home's overall curb appeal. While useful for sturdier aspects of a home, pressure washing could dislodge shingles or even break window glass. Even though it's effective at removing dirt, it's not going to be suitable for everyone.
  • Soft washing allows you to get all of the benefits of power washing without the drawbacks.
  • Professional cleaning solutions like the ones we use at AquaPro are also biodegradable. Many of our solutions use bleach, but the water dilutes it to the extent that you have a solution with a similar bleach concentration to pool water.
  • AquaPro's environmentally safe chemicals work as effectively as any other chemical solution without the concern that they'll affect your property or the environment.
  • While high-pressure water does wonders for sending mold, mildew, and algae packing, it does very little to ensure it doesn't grow back. These microorganisms don't only look unsightly; they can also affect your family's health.
  • Soft washing uses cleaning solutions that eliminate microorganisms at the source. And eliminating them is one of the only sure ways to let mold and mildew know they're no longer welcome.
  • Hiring pros for soft washing services can give your home's exterior a gentle but deep clean that lasts. AquaPro's talented cleaning team is ready to show you how your home can sparkle after only one exterior washing visit!
AquaPro's Pro House Washing Approach

AquaPro has an all-encompassing approach to cleaning homes, and it's no different with our soft washing services.

We use a tried-and-true formula to carefully clean and disinfect your home's surfaces. We'll also spot-treat stubborn stains to make them easier to remove when we start soft washing. Our cleaning crew is trained to locate and clean these areas effectively and safely, so you get exceptional results every time.

We'll then gently apply the water that contains a high concentration of our cleaning solution. The pressure isn't any more intense than an average garden hose, so it's safe on even the most fragile areas of your home.

We let the solution sit on the surface to ensure it has time to combat invasive microorganisms. After that, we rinse everything off and give it time to dry.

Before we pack up, we're happy to chat with you more about our process and give you tips to prevent certain problems from coming back. Our team is customer-focused, and by arming our dedicated homeowners with knowledge, we can help keep every neighborhood home clean.

Our exterior house soft washing services will give your home the clean, upgraded look you deserve. We can improve your home's curb appeal and help fight against pesky mold and algae in as little as one visit. Contact us today to hear more and book your appointment with our expert cleaning team!

Our Soft Washing Process


Get house washing solution ready to go


Spray part of the property with our Soft Wash System


Let the solution work for 5-10 minutes


Rinse using our Soft Wash System


Repeat process throughout the house

Pressure Washing Service

This is when pressure is needed and used at the safest level. We have all the equipment to make sure that concrete looks brighter than ever and that your staircases are all clean and not getting slippery because of mildew.

Pressure washing paving in Salt Lake City

Our Pressure Washing Process:


Connect our surface cleaning to our pressure washing


Spray necessary chemicals for better results on stains


Pass through all concrete surface with surface cleaning


Spray all water left out of the concrete


Let it dry

When to call for Pressure Washing

You'll want your home's exterior washed on a fixed schedule for the best results. A schedule for your soft washing services ensures that your home stays impossibly clean and disinfected.

The minimum recommendation is once a year, though you may want to schedule additional cleanings depending on where you live, the recent weather in your area, and how quickly your home gets dirty. Some houses are even built with materials that are exceptionally good at resisting dirt or mold.

The most straightforward method is to contact the AquaPro team whenever you think you need house or pressure washing. Homeowners more susceptible to discomfort or illness from pollen, mold, or algae will benefit from multiple pressure washings, while those who don't may only need annual cleaning.

You can always contact us with questions or even inquire during your appointment to get professional recommendations on keeping your home cleaner longer. Our cleaners are happy to help you determine the ideal time to schedule your home washing services in and around Salt Lake City.

For example, spring is a fantastic time of year to soft wash your home; it's a more efficient water use than a summer day where the heat can interfere. Warmer days mean the cleaners need more water and time to do the same amount of work.

But it's always the right time to call AquaPro to schedule your home's soft washing, especially if you think you need one!

"Paolo and his partner were great to work with. Paolo was very quick to respond and clear about the options and pricing for cleaning. Our house was very dirty because of nearby construction and winds, and they spent a long time working to clean it thoroughly. Very friendly and worked hard to get the job done."

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